Leitmotiv is a site - specific project developed 2013 in Mexico City. Its main objective is the realization of a visual research on the perception of space in Mexico. It is a specific project that underlines the methodological experience. Its intention is to document and give a form to all items arising from the use and significance of space in the context of aesthetics. The progression of the proposal is therefore on one hand , the examination and problematization of the concept space , and secondly, the removal of certain parameters that allow reposition in a new context to provide a reading or meaning. The result of the project will be the production of a visual work which would combine language resources, techniques and materials ,as well as the inspirations obtained during the process , to express to the viewer some possibilities to experience space as an object.
kindly supported by:
SRE - Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores Mexico
Goethe Institut Mexico City
Border - Contemporary Art Space Mexico
La Miscelanea - Cultural Center Mexico City